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Social Bulldog’s Newsletter — The Introduction of Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns

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Given that it is still the most dominant channel, we find it imperative to keep a pulse on what Meta is doing to compete for ad dollars. Per the most recent earnings call, the Meta team has promised to continue to invest in AI-powered discovery across their technologies to help advertisers maximize the performance of their campaigns. As of August 15th, 2022, they have begun rolling out Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns (ASC) (formerly called Automated Shopping Ads) to advertisers globally. 


According to Meta, Advantage+ shopping campaigns will reduce ad creation’s manual steps and automate up to 150 creative combinations at once. This solution could help you quickly learn which ads perform best while making the most of your advertising budget. In testing, Meta discovered that Advantage+ drove lower CPA than Business as Usual (BAU) ads. To us, this sounds like you put Dynamic Creative on steroids while removing the manual setup process. 


New Updates to Advantage+ Solutions Include

  • Automates targeting based on country. The AI system will determine the best people to target, the best device to reach them on, the best ad placement by the time of day, and the best creative assets to drive the highest estimated action rate per ad impression 
  • Ability to optimize creative for what the viewer is likely to respond to
  • Split testing capabilities to identify winners
  • Granular reporting insights – including ad-level and regional reporting
  • Coming Soon: the ability to add music to image-based ads for placement in Reels ads 


Advantage+ shopping will utilize preset settings such as Automatic Placements, Lowest Cost Bidding, etc. If you’re a fan of dynamic creative, we think you’ll love Advantage+ shopping, as it sounds like the reporting per creative will be much more robust! We feel this is an excellent option for smaller advertisers with a smaller budget to test creative. However, we wonder about the type of spend required to fully optimize an Advantage+ shopping campaign that includes an extensive array of creative! We recommend starting small with testing and scaling up from there. 


For more information on Advantage+ campaigns, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


The Social Bulldog Team