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Case Study: Fulton & Roark

Putting A Fresh Face On Audience Development

A New Approach To Targeting Yields Supercharged Growth

Fulton & Roark is an innovative creator of men’s luxury fragrance and grooming products. Since 2013, F&R’s award-winning solid colognes, and bath and body products have given customers a sense of personal style and atmosphere that travels anywhere they do.

For F&R, smelling great during and after a grooming routine makes the whole process more enjoyable, with products all about capturing the perfect fragrance design for every moment.

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F&R had been experiencing solid growth by targeting their core male audience on Facebook but struggled to cost-efficiently increase their customer base in a significant way. They engaged Social Bulldog to take a fresh look at their approach and find a way to supercharge customer acquisition. This was becoming increasingly important with a major new product launch in the works.


Social Bulldog began by questioning a core assumption: the conventional wisdom that men were the predominant target customer demographic for F&R’s men’s grooming products.


Social Bulldog’s approach has vastly expanded F&R’s customer base.




Of Sales Are To Women


Increase In Sales Within Days Of Launch